The Advantage

Benefits to the Owner

Determining how to best protect your facility is sometimes a daunting task. Let’s face it, it is not something many consider on a daily basis. Let us be your fire suppression expert. Let us coordinate your design to assure you gain the most from your system design with quick code compliance approvals, pre-engineered project timeline efficiency, true ‘apples to apples’ bids, professional communication with HPR property loss engineers, technical ‘sprinkler speak’ assistance, insurance premium savings, and most of all life and property protection.

When we work with an owner, we consider ourselves part of your team. We look out for your best interests in several ways. Sometimes ‘less expensive’ can become very expensive. The latest and greatest product and installation method may be efficient, economical and wonderful for a one time application or single use facility and in the end may in fact be in the best interest of the owner. Many times however, that is not the case. Many times, the owner will spend many thousands more to upgrade or adapt a system for a change or modification in occupancy use. A contractors purpose is to make money for himself and nothing else. There is no fault in that. Most contractors are very conscientious and work hard to provide the customer with a product that completely satisfies whatever specification may have been provided and at the very best price. We work hard for that also and then some. We look out for you.

Benefits to the Architect / Engineer

To be honest, very few architectual/engineering firms have personnel on staff that are truly proficient and experts in Fire Suppression Design.  Some bravely offer a design specification without a complete understanding of the codes and standards involved.  Some offer knowledgable specification with only a generic 'Lines & Circles' suggestion of a system configuration.  Most often, if a plan is provided it is ignored by the installing contractor in lieu of their own interpretation of a real world application.  Sprinkler systems are about the only mechanical system in the project that is completely predesigned in detail with approvals granted based on that design.  Completely prefabricated and shipped to the job site, sprinkler systems are assembled like a giant jig saw puzzle.  Coordination with structurals and trade are a must.  Why provide a generic 'Circles & Lines' plan with no hope of installation and virtually no 3D coordination when you could offer a valid installation/shop drawing resulting in 'Apples to Apples' bids and virtually total spec. compliance?

We can give your firm the ability to know up  front where the system piping will be and how it will look in the end.  Give 5 different contractors generic specs and plans for a building to be protected by a sprinkler system and you will get 5 different designs in the end. Guaranteed.

Benefits to the Contractor

Engineering will make or break a job.  Engineering will make or break a contractor.  We have seen too many good contractors go down because of bad or inexperienced engineering.  All contractors need engineering expertise on staff.  This isn't just 'Pipe & Fittings' we are working with.  Sprinkler systems are a technical and complicated mechanical system.  Our industry struggles to provide enough knowledgable designers.  The penalties for employing sub-standard design is just too great.

Even more than just recently, the challenge of balancing a number of talented designers with the demands of work abailable is always enormous.  When times are good, we never have enough engineering capacity.  When times are tough, we struggle with trying to hold on to our talented engineering staff.  It is difficult to let go at the risk of losing them.

By finding a balance between on staff capacity and utilizing our expert service, you can avoid those wild swings in staffing and overhead while maintaining quality engineering capacities that can expand and contract with the changes in demand.  We can be more than a vendor, we can be part of your team!

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