How We Do It

Give us a call.  Send us an email.  Let's discuss your project and needs in detail.  Send us some plans or upload your drawing files on our web site and we'll give you a carefully developed and detailed quote for design or service.  No price per head or cost per square foot cookie cutter pricing.  No two projects are exaclty the same.  How can any 'one price fits all' quote be appropriate? We'll provide a firm price quote that accurately applies to your project and needs.  No surprises or extras unless the scope is significantly changed during the design process--that's only fair.  If we missed something we fix it and/or eat it.  If your price looks off, let us know.  We are not above errors in judgement.  Maybe we read too much into it.  Let's talk about it.

If we can't come to an agreement, we'll send your documents back overnight if necessary.  We don't want you to be in trouble with schedules.  Maybe it will work out next time.

One more thing...
We will NOT take a project if we know up front there is no way we can meet your deadlines.  We were in contracting, so we know how important schedule is.

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