Fire Sprinkler System Types

No matter what property you are managing, it is important for you to know which type of system will best protect it.  Click on a heading below to view a description:

[accordion width="700"] [item title="Deluge Sprinkler System"] deluge
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The deluge sprinkler system has sprinklers which are open and attached to piping that is connected to a water supply. The valve is opened by the operation of a detection system installed in the same area as the fire sprinklers. 

When the valve opens the water flows into the pipes and discharges from all the sprinkler heads attached to the system. 

A deluge system will have the sprinkler heads open all the time. 

If there's a very large area that needs immediate attention in case of fire then this system would be the one to go with. It will allow rapid deployment of large quantities of water sprayed over a large space. 

The deluge sprinkler system can be controlled by hydraulics, pneumatically or electrically.

[/item][item title="Dry Pipe Sprinkler System"] dry
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This type of fire sprinkler systems uses automatic sprinklers attached to a piping system that contains nitrogen under pressure or air. When released, the systems permits the water pressure to open up a valve known as a dry pipe valve. The water then flows into the pipes and out the opened sprinklers.

A dry pipe systems most often is installed in an area where a wet pipe system would be inappropriate. Areas that have very cold or below freezing temperatures would not be a good fit for this type of sprinkler system.

[/item][item title="Foam Water Fire Sprinkler System"] deluge
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The foam-water fire sprinkler system is a more specialized system. The pipe is connected to both a source of foam concentrate and a water supply. The system has the appropriate discharge devices for extinguishing agent discharge and for distribution over the area that needs protecting.

The sprinkler piping systems is connected to a water supply through a control valve that is typically activated by some sort of automatic detection equipment. The detector is installed close to the sprinkler system.

The detector triggers the valve opening forcing the water to flow into the piping system while at the same time foam concentrate is injected into the water. The new foam based solution discharges and distributes the foam solution. When the foam solution is is exhausted the water starts discharging and continues discharging until until is manually shut off.

If an area has flammable liquids this fire protection system would be a good choice.

Always consult with a fire protection advisor whether it be your local fire department or an independent reliable fire protection company. Ask them which fire protection system would be the most effective for the items and or human life that needs protecting.

Talking to your insurance agent will give you an idea of how much you can save by choosing the right fire sprinkler system for your building or residence.

Foam-water deluge systems are applicable to the protection of two-dimensional flammable liquid hazards.

[/item][item title="Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems"] deluge
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This systems is very similar to the above mentioned deluge system except with this system the sprinklers are always closed. This system is good for areas containing very valuable items or information. If the items or information can be damaged easily by accidental release of water from the sprinkler heads then you might want to go with this system.

The pre-action valve is usually in a closed state and is operated by a separate detection system. 

When a fire detector is activated this system will open it's pre-action valve that will allow water to enter the piping system. The water will not spray from the sprinkler heads until heat activates the operating element in each sprinkler head. The opening of the pre-action valve converts the system into a wet pipe system.

[/item][item title ="Wet Pipe Sprinkler Systems"] deluge
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A common sprinkler system used in commercial and residential structures is a wet pipe sprinkler system. This system employs automatic sprinkler heads that are attached to a piping system that contains water and is connected to a water supply. The water discharges immediately from the sprinklers that have been triggered by heat from the fire from below or surrounding them.

A wet pipe system usually is connected to an alarm that that sounds off when water starts flowing through the system.


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