A plan is the first step.  Now you have to make it happen.  We'll do just that. If we can't finish the plans in time, we won't take the job.  We send you your completed design and submit to the Review Authority involved.  We won't leave you hanging there.  We make ourselves available for consultation for the duration of the project.  Right through acceptance.


It is all part of the package--within reason.  Obviously, we are not going to set up camp on your site--unless that was negotiated.  We mean it, we want to be a part of your team from start to finish.


Should you be an Authority Housing Jurisdiction(AHJ), General Contractor, Fire Protection Contractor, or Owner, and you have a set of plans to review, we will be happy to help.  We will give you a valid and objective review of what is presented.  We don't believe in tearing apart a design to make us look good.  That is a dangerous game.  If you weren't present int project planning, you simply don't know what the factors involved would be.  We will simply report on the compliance or adequacy of what we see.

Stock Listing

With your order, we can provide a complete and comrehensive list of all materials required to fabricate and install the system.  That can include a completely benchmarked fabrication stocklist for use in pre-fabricating the system so the system can be assembled in the field like a big jig saw puzzle.  We will be happy to coordinate with your shop as needed.

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