Fire Protection Design is much like computer programming; if you put bad instruction in, you get a bad product out.  This is a very small and specialized field.  NOT all designers are created equal.  They are only as good as their teachers.  Since there are limited resources for learning this trade, truly great designers are hard to find.  We like to think we have some of the best.  It all started with our founder, Ron Slaby, SET.

Design will flat-out make or break a project.  Make it a good one.

Preliminary Drawings

A great place to start.  We can provide preliminaries--as they are commonly referred to, for a smaller up-front cost.  The preliminaries can be evolved into a complete design once the project begins to become reality.  They are a great tool for budgeting and planning.


In the age of the computer, we often like to think that if it's done on a computer, it has to be 'right.'  Push a button and get a result.  If only it were true--you wouldn't need us.  Hydraulic Analysis is at the core of every good design.  One needs to understand what a good design is, how it came to be, and why it is.

Simply getting a system demand below a supply curve line is NOT good design.  One must understand hydraulics.  We do!

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