About Us

Fire-Ex Systems Engineering specializes in the design of all fixed pipe fire suppression systems. Since 1986 we as a company have gained extensive knowledge in designing Water and Foam-Water Deluge fire protection systems and Fire Pump Water Supplies for any high challenge industrial process facility. We have come to know the food processing facilities very well. We have vast experience in working with Alcohol Distillation, Bio-Fuels, Storage Tank Farms, Vegetable Oil Extraction Plants, Flour Milling, Industrial Process, High Challenge Storage and Hazard, Corn & Bean Processing Facilities and Co-Generation Facilities. We are very experienced in foam system application, design and testing. In addition, Brian VanderKooy our 'Oil and Gas' experienced Professional Engineer is on Staff to offer even more in industrial engineering solutions.

Of course, in addition to all the of the areas we have become specialized in, we are completely capable, knowledgeable and experienced in any NFPA compliant fire suppression system design.

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